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Creditors calling you day and night?

Behind on your mortgage and your bank is not helping you?

Lost your job and now the bills are piling up?

Bankruptcy may be the solution.

►The bills are stacking up, demanding calls and letters are arriving with increasing frequency and despite the best of efforts, the overdue debts just cannot be paid. Maybe you are thinking of taking a payday loan just to get through this week. You just want to stop the phone calls in the middle of the night and at your work. You want help right now.  We can help stop the debt collectors.  We can help you get the bankruptcy relief you need and deserve.  We can help you claim exemptions to keep your property.  In chapter 13 cases, we can often help you to keep your house. Once considered a last resort, bankruptcy has become an accepted method of resolving serious financial problems. You can save your home and car; you may  stop evictions; and in most cases, you can still get rid of your credit card debt. If you, your friends or family members are experiencing financial problems that may be helped by bankruptcy laws, please call my office as soon as possible.

The Law Firm of Joseph J. Rogers accepts many prepaid legal plans. It also can help you with your traffic tickets, will, or purchase, sale or refinance of a home. Click on the sidebar topics for more information on our services.

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